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To profit from its most

 Swartz says that Macy’s online improvements work but it’s not enough to address the issue of fewer customers visiting Macy’s physical stores. The retailer announced a turnaround program in February of 2020, that includes closing the stores with the lowest sales, the upgrading of 100 others, and large investments in speeding up its digital-based business.

 Gennette reported that 40% of the 5 million new customers who have walked in during the second quarter were directly from Macy’s online. To profit from its most valuable customers shoppers at Macy’s both in-person and on the south-craft south craft Website south craft com internet typically spend three times more than people who visit eitherThe company Macy’s has invested in data analytics , so it can follow how and when they shop and create incentive programs and messages for its products to them.