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Christopher Walken, BBC comedian show’s final episode

Intentionally damages Banksy’s artwork A work of art made by Banksy was covered in paint by Hollywood actor Christopher Walken in the final episode of the BBC The Outlaws. The Outlaws.

Stephen Merchant, a comedian-drama creator and director, co-created six parts along with Elgin James, a US writer and producer. The plot revolves around a group of misfits that remodel a Bristol community center as part of their community service to pay for the crimes they have committed.

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An anonymous street artist who hails from Bristol painted a rat using spray paint and wrote “Banksy” above the image.

The final episode airs on BBC iPlayer, on November 10, and featured Walken’s character Frank drawing graffiti.

When he spotted the work He asked Diane (Jessica Guinning), his probation officer for permission to paint over it. Diane, distracted, explained that graffiti needs to be removed.

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Frank paints over graffiti in the finale episode of the series.

A representative for The Outlaws stated that they can confirm that the work at The Outlaws’ end was a genuine Banksy and that Christopher Walken covered the artwork during filming, ultimately destroying it.

Writer, actor and comedian Merchant is from Bristol, and he plays lawyer Greg in the series alongside teenager Rani (Rhianne Barreto), socialite Gabby (Eleanor Tomlinson) and a young doorman Christian (Gamba Cole), right-wing businessman John (Darren Boyd) and radical activist Myrna (Clare Perkins) and conman Frank, played by Walken.

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A Banksy partially-shredded painting was auctioned off at auction in London last month for PS18.582,000. The artwork, Love is in the Bin was offered by auction house Sotheby’s, who cited the price as an all-time record for the street artist.

Originally titled Girl With Balloon (Girl with Balloon) The painting was a hit and made the news when it self-destructed following a previous auction, in which it was sold for PS1.1m.

The canvas was then shredded in a secret shredder hidden inside the frame’s large size with the top part in a state of disarray and a solitary red balloon placed on a white background in the frame.

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The movie Love is in the Bin exceeded the price estimation of PS4m to PS6m.

Girl With Balloon depicts a child reaching for a red balloon with a heart design. The stencil was carved on the east London wall and has been repeated over and over, making it one of Banksy’s most popular images.

The Outlaws is available now The Outlaws is now available on BBC iPlayer. In the US The show will be available on Amazon Prime starting in January.


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